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Three New Patterns For You on Etsy April 20, 2012

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So, it has been a completely mad rush getting some new ideas worked through in order to produce patterns ready for you to try.  This time, my inspiration came from friendly suggestions.  First, my friend Helen at Newton’s Knits asked me to do something new for their upcoming seminar which I couldn’t demo at because I had already committed to doing the Purls Of Joy seminar in Minnesota on the same date.  So she asked me to work on a one page pattern for a slinky scarf done in Newton’s new yarn, Matte Viscose.  And in addition, wouldn’t it be nice to do a slinky shawl too in the same yarn?  Her husband, Norman Koshak, is busy developing and dyeing all kinds of wonderful new yarns with exquisite rayons, linens, Tensil and cotton.  I got some of their new slinky Matte Viscose ahead of everyone else to try.  I do love it.

Then my dear husband suggested that I work up a pattern for a man’s tie – sounds easy, right?  Oh, no to the contrary, the tie turned out to be very HARD indeed.  Shape, width, length, where the knot is tied, how tall is he?, stabilizer, flat seams, no bunching up of the tie under the knot, 4-Hand Knot or Windsor? – oh, the list goes on and on.

Any-hoo, I get everything worked out and then set up the photo shoot for the covers only 1 day before I need to deliver the completed patterns.  And it rains…..and drizzles…..and then comes the thunder and lightning – oh, just golly darn it anyway.

Even after we do get a break and get photos in a 10 minute window between showers where a single ray of sunlight slips through, then we have to start the long process of the designing the cover in PhotoSuite III, Publisher, etc. and finally get to printing patterns.

The Serpentine Shawl and The Serpentine Scarf are aptly named for their slinky nature.  I just ran amok with my Ripple/Wave Stitch again, but here it is the beauty of the yarn that makes it work so nice.



















And here is my Fashion Necktie for men – if you love knitting and him, try it – he will love you back.




1. Rachel - April 20, 2012

Beautiful patterns. I’m still waiting for the one you want me to test. LOL. I’ll miss you at the seminar. 😦

myblueheavenknits - April 20, 2012

OH, Golly, gosh, darn. I did test out some yarn for sizes Small and Medium when I was in Costa Rica, but I did not get the results I wanted, so back to the drafting board…again….this will teach you patience if you are still sane to appreciate the lessons.

2. Carol Hotchkiss - April 29, 2012

Hey Valley Girl, enjoyed your classes at the Purls of Joy seminar this past weekend. Am about to start the Serenity Shawl. Wish me luck.

3. Carol Hotchkiss - April 29, 2012

Not Serenity, Serpentine Shawl. Guess I am still tired and brain dead from the seminar.

myblueheavenknits - April 29, 2012

Hey right back at ‘ya, Valley Girl. I just got home and happy to see you are fast at your work. What yarn did you pick out from your stash to try this beauty?
I am going to go get some ice cream from the freezer, Blue Bunny Banana Split is a favorite of ours. Yeah, its hot here, and I need to take just a little “me” time after all that travel and lugging bags to and fro. Wouldn’t you know I had a blinding flash of inspiration looking at a traffic jam while cars were merging together? I have to think about it for about a day, and then I will start sketching it out. Maybe a good idea – I never know until I get it off the needles and steamed.

Loved being with all the great ladies and gentlemen out there. My hubby took some pics, so I will do a proper post in a couple of days showing all the fun we were having up there in MN. Until then….keep knitting until all the yarn is gone!

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