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Knitters! Click “Like” On Three Of Your Favorite Posts! March 7, 2012

Posted by myblueheavenknits in Uncategorized.

OK now fellow knitters.  I am sad that no one has clicked “Like” on any of my posts.  How do I know what you “Like” so I can do more of what you “Like”?  I see that I have over 6,000 reads, but alas, no “Like”s.  I know people are searching for free patterns, details for designing studios and what-not, but I don’t know what you “Like” yet.  So I challenge everyone to click three posts they “Like” so I can develop some more of them.   It is truly important for us bloggers to trend what their readers “Like”.   Otherwise, it just seems “Like” we are just aimlessly going on about what we “Like”.  I want to make my blog more interactive, and I will pay attention to anything you “Like” and do more of that type of post in the future.  So, challenge made – what do you “Like” here?



1. Lynne - March 7, 2012

For me the “Rate This” stars don’t show up unless I click to only view that one post. That may be why I’ve never rated one. I didn’t know there was the ability to rate them. Challenge accepted and done.

2. Knit4Profit - March 9, 2012

I have the same problem at my site. No one wants to comment, take a survey, nothing. I can’t figure it out.

myblueheavenknits - March 9, 2012

Yes, I know there is a button a reader can click at the bottom of the posts, but like I said, after 6,000 reads, I thought I would get more feedback – clicking the “Like” is feedback for me. I am appreciating the comments coming in now and happy to have the two-way communications, so maybe you might want to find out if on your site, the “Like” is easy to find for your readers and ask for their feedback.

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