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2012 – The Year Of Travel January 8, 2012

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Does it seem possible that I ever had time to work in a full-time job plus do all my knitting/crafting business too?

At my retirement, I mused about getting back into teaching and expanding my crafts business.  And sure enough, it has turned out that way for me.  I think it is all about thinking positive on those things that I want to find opportunities for and ignoring those negative things that drain my energy without giving anything back.

In my working years, many peers who had come up to the retirement decision day either just kept working (until they literally died at their desk!) or retired and came back as a consultant doing the same job, mainly because they didn’t have anything better they wanted to do after they left.  Now, I want to tell you it was not always a money factor because of the great pension we had all subscribed to when we began our service; some people just never had a “life” outside of their career.  Many Baby Boomers seem to have that problem, running around staring into their Blackberry or I-Phones, waiting for someone to grace them with a task to give them a reason to live.  I think many are afraid to lose the esteem and purpose a responsible job gives them – their whole psyche is tied to the status of their position and without a “title”, they can’t define themselves.  They don’t want to be a “nobody”, AKA retiree.

Whoa, not me.  Yes, I gave it my all for 30 years, but I was happy and proud to walk away, leaving many others, who I had carefully prepared to take the reins.   I had started my post-retirement plans (I called it the Linda 2.0 Version) years in advance, and I was now free to go hog wild in the pursuit of my happiness – knitting and fiber arts.  My husband and I both saw our government careers as a great way to make a living covering all our financial obligations while planning/saving for a solid future.  He is now retired too and pursuing his love of photography, and I am growing into teaching/demonstrating/designing for  machine knitting.

I have got so many things going on this year already!   I will be a Guest Demonstrator at the Purls of Joy Seminar, 27-28 April 2012, in Minnesota and have been asked to appear at the Pacific Northwest Knitting Machine Seminar in Vancouver, Washington, 10-12 May.  Also, I have some personal travel plans putting me on the East Coast in August and Costa Rica in Jan-Feb (yes, in just a couple of days) and again back to Costa Rica later in the year.  Newton’s Knits has asked me to go to Stitches West with them in Santa Clara the day I get back from Costa Rica in Feb – I will be jet-lagging it, but I hope to make it there, too.  And of course, I have all my Spring and Fall/Holiday craft shows to plan and knit for, AND all my volunteer work/meeting with the Torrance Craftsmen’s Guild and the El Segundo Slipt Stitchers, so my calendar for the year is already FULL!!!  Oh, yes, I have some new designs in my head  and I need get on the ball to create those patterns.

Like I said, I don’t know how I ever got time to work a job 40-50 hours a week.  I always heard that some people are busier AFTER they retire than when they had to juggle a work calendar.  I am one of these lucky people!!

Keep knitting until all the yarn is gone!



1. harrowknitter - January 14, 2012

Nice to see the work you have done. I seem to spend more time looking through other peoples work and getting ideas for projects than actually doing anything!
Retiring these days just means not enough hours in the day to get stuff done!

myblueheavenknits - January 14, 2012

I am definitely with you there. It is so rare that I get two days together where something is not on my “to-do” list or calendar. When I worked, I was not in control of my calendar and I thought when I retired, I would have more contemplative thinking/experimenting time to do whatever I wished. Not entirely so!! My Grandma, Inez, always said, “I would rather wear out than rust out!”. I say, “Always keep busy, so that when the devil comes by, you will be otherwise occupied!”

2. Knit4Profit - April 4, 2012

Hello All:

I have four more years before retiring! I machine knit at least three days of the week and the other days are spent cleaning, being out doors and spending time with friends. I’m finding it difficult to develop new ideas. Often times my discoveries are developed by error.

myblueheavenknits - April 4, 2012

I wish I had more “play” time to sit an make some new ideas come to life, unhindered by the rush of day to day realities. I usually get caught up in the issue of the day – washing machine on the fritz, the druggery of doing taxes, problems with a hand knit piece that I work on for half a day, then decide I don’t like it and unravel it all out to start again and most recently, things like my computer turning itself off after 10 minutes – oh, the toil of getting a new computer and worrying that you got all your important files transferred over correctly.

One of my favorite movies is “Tune In Tomorrow” and a line I love from that movie is, “When it’s raining poop, your best umbrella is ART!” Our ART is knitting and it does take time and patience. When life is throwing us spitballs, let’s keep that umbrella handy!

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