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The New Wave – Random Acts of Art December 12, 2011

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There is something new in the wind – could it be anonymous and random acts of art with YARN !!!!!  OMG !!!! It is called Yarn Bombing, or rather adorning public things with artful yarns.  I saw an article, some time ago, about an old military tank in Europe covered in pink, knitted squares – all colors, but mostly shocking pink.  It really grabbed your attention.  The art was speaking to you.  Now I saw an article today that it has hit the US, in Skowhegan, Maine.  (Go ahead, Google Yarn Bombing, Maine, and get a tongue in cheek newspaper report of it and lots of pictures to whet your appetite.)

For us more conservative knitters, the thought of “bombing” anything is abhorent, but there seems to be a new wave of anonymous knitters out there decorating trees, posts, bus benches, door pulls, you name it, with colorful expressions of our artistry.  So am I going to be left behind?  Of course not.   I am jumping on the bandwagon.  Here is a pic of my recent work.  I thought my two front trees looked like they could use some leg warmers:

Trees With Leg Warmers

I believe that somewhere inside us, we all are creative geniuses.  It just takes a little push to break out sometimes.  I see many opportunities around my abode where a little bit of yarn and a lot of imagination can turn something ordinary into something extraordinary.  I am the first in my neighborhood to ride this new wave – will you do the same?
Hummmmm…….Where will my art be seen next?  I can’t really say…..but it will be anonymous !!!!


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