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Halloween Night 2011 November 3, 2011

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I don’t about where you live, but Halloween around here is CRAZY!!  Every year we get more and more kids, most arriving in vans, buses, and large capacity cars from other neighborhoods.  We live in a “safe” neighborhood where all the sidewalks are level and its easy to walk and bring strollers, skate boards, etc.  The streets are on a grid too.  A good many of us decorate to the hilt.  I have a 10-ft spider, the one which blows up constantly and wiggles its legs, plus scarecrows, webs, ghosts and witches and little hanging skeletons that light up and strobe that I put around my front door.  Inside, I have a bright strobe that looks like electricity sparking and of course I go all out and dress as Bride Of Frankenstein, yes, wig and all.

We do have some Bah-Humbug types who don’t hand out the treats, but I am completely opposite that mentality.  Halloween is great fun for little kids and teens.  OK, I do spend a couple of hundred dollars on candy, but the look on those kids faces when I open my door and hear their gasps, and shyly say, “Trick or Treat?” is worth every cent!  Many of the parents want videos and photos with their kids and me, so I always oblige.   I never speak.  If a kid freezes up when they see me, eyes a-goggle, I just give them a wide-eyed look and make a gesture that I can’t hear them – then they squeek out, “Trick or Treat”.  OK, some of the young ones are too scared to approach me, that’s when Mom or Dad take over, giggling as they do, cellphones clicking pictures left and right.

Remember in the Christmas Carol movie there was a family called the Fezziwigs?  They gave a party each year just to spread cheer and happiness of the season, even though they weren’t exactly rich.  I kind of relate to them.  Halloween is for kids and I do my best every year to make it special for them.  Some remark that they come every year to visit the “Bride”.  One year, I didn’t have my act together and ran out of time to be the “Bride” and some people were actually disappointed!!  Well, anyway, here are some pics of Halloween Night 2011 where I handed one piece of candy to 1,200 visitors.  Can you believe it???

Baby In Dad's Arms

Baby's First Halloween - From Stoller

Scary Bride Of Frankenstein

Wall-To-Wall Kids Lined Up For Treats

Getting Phone In Picture Taking Mode



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