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New Ways To Do Hollywood Swag Cap November 1, 2011

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If you have this pattern, here are a couple more ways to knit it.  If you want to eliminate the brim, that is no problem.  It then becomes a cloche style hat.  Also, if you want a slouchy hat, knit one more row after Row 3 (i.e., before the decrease).  That adds just enough “slouch” when you wear it.   Here are some recent pics of the cap and scarf done in variegated yarn, the orange/red/purple is a 4-Ply Red Heart and the multi-colored (burgundy, teal, red, gold, purple) is from Impeccable called “Folklore” using my pattern, except the brim on the multi-colored Folklore set is eliminated, making it a cloche.  The last pic is the “Slouchy” cap in another Impeccable variegated yarn that I just knit today.  Here are some pics that my husband took today:

Hollywood Swag Cap and Scaf

Cloche Cap and Scarf

The Slouchy Cap



1. Betty Smedley - November 2, 2011

Hi, Love the hats. Where can I buy the pattern for the original Hollywood Swag cap?
Thank you, Betty in Australia

myblueheavenknits - November 2, 2011

Hello down there. Gosh! I just sent three patterns to Nabowla Tasmania yesterday. It’s nice to hear from another Aussie though.

I have a shop which lists all my patterns at LindasCrafts.Etsy.com, but I have only US Domestic shipping rates quoted. If you want to look there and see what pattern or patterns you would like, and if you can give me your exact address, I will send you an email back with the total including shipping to your address and $1 in handling. Once you give the OK, then you can complete an “other” transaction through PayPal and I can then post them out to you.



Betty Smedley - November 2, 2011

Hi Linda, Have you ever thought about doing your patterns electronically. I buy quite a few from different places & they email them to me & then I print them out. Some have a password on them to keep them safe.
Bye Betty

myblueheavenknits - November 2, 2011

Hello again, Betty!

I might be coming to that, and another designer told me that is the natural course of things, or so it went that way with her business. Right now, I print with laser color on premium paper and then put the pattern in a plastic protector. That way, I ensure the quality of the print and that made me unique among the other designers. But if customers would rather sacrifice the print quality to get it faster, then I would yield to them. So in the next year, I will probably transition to Ravelry and the download system just for the fact that it would give me more time to design and experiment. One thing though, that other designer said she totally lost contact with her customers doing it the download way. It took her out of the loop since Ravelry handled everything. I enjoy chatting my customers up and they give me more ideas to do other versions of the patterns. So it is ever the double-edged sword when these decisions are made.


2. Jory - November 4, 2011

Just purchased this pattern on Etsy. I love these variations and I can’t wait to try it out!

3. Alysha - November 30, 2011

Does this pattern require a ribber? What is the gauge? I know some bulky patterns can be adapted to the Bond and some can’t. Thanks.

myblueheavenknits - November 30, 2011

No ribber is required. The machine I use is the Bulky Brother 260, 9mm gauge. I think it would be easy to adapt to any machine if you have a “Short Row” or partial knit capability.

4. Alysha - November 30, 2011

I can short row, but some gauges can’t be achieved. For example I can’t do the bulky tuck stitch dishcloth with worsted cotton, it ends up stiff enough for a potholder. ;p (if I can ever find sport cotton again, I can do it that way.)

I am using a Bond Classic which has a different gauge keyplates than the Bond USM (both are 8mm).

I am currently making slippers that were designed for a 9mm, but it took plenty of swatching to find the correct Keyplate to match the gauge.

If the gauge of the hat is beyond the scope of my machine, the pattern won’t do me any good. Which would be a bummer as the pattern looks like it’d be fun to try.

myblueheavenknits - December 1, 2011

I have over twenty-five knitting machines (can you believe it?), but I don’t have a Bond. Anyway, I am not familiar enough with its keyplates or how it operates to answer your gauge question. I used a worsted weight (4-ply) yarn for these hats and scarves, so if you can adjust your machine for short rowing worsted weight yarns, then you could probably do this pattern. But again, I don’t have your machine, so I can’t gaurantee this.

5. Alysha - November 30, 2011

I just saw another crafter used a yarn to make this hat that I can use on my Bond with a variety of gauges. Hopefully I’ll be orderingI can order the pattern Friday. :p

myblueheavenknits - December 1, 2011

OK, I am glad that all my machine knitting friends are experimenting with different yarns for this hat. I like Red Heart’s variegated yarns for it, the spacing just seems to work out great for pops of color, and Red Heart is available just about anywhere. Other ombre yarns have long distances between color changes, so sometimes you get a whole row of the same color. I always encourage knitters to experiment to see what works best for them because sooner or later, the company will discontinue your favorite yarn and you have to explore anyway.

6. anino - November 6, 2012

Please, do you post to London- united kingdom?

myblueheavenknits - November 6, 2012

Yes! I would need your address to get the postage right, then I could send you an email and you can pay me through PayPal as an Other Transaction. I have sent patterns this way all over the world. It is impossible to state a postage on Etsy for every address, so that is why we have to do it this way.

anino ogunjobi - November 6, 2012

mrs Anino Ogunjobi flat 44 prescott house, hillingdon street

London SE17 3PH London United Kingdom


myblueheavenknits - November 6, 2012

OK, it will cost about $3.50 US, so send a PayPal payment of $13.50 thru Paypal as an Other Transaction and I will bring it to the Post Office today. My PayPal address is lindasuejensen@gmail.com

Thanks for your interest in the pattern. It is fun and easy to do.

myblueheavenknits - November 8, 2012

Thank You for your payment. I will bring this to the Post Office this morning. Please send me an email when you get it so I can make a note of how long it takes to get to London. Enjoy it!!

7. anino - November 6, 2012

Love the hat and scarf. Can products made from your pattern be sold?

myblueheavenknits - November 6, 2012

Yes. I welcome you to do so, but if asked, please give the credit to me as the designer. If they want the pattern, please tell them where you got it.

8. britlady52Terri - March 14, 2014

Hi Linda – I too would love to purchase the Hollywood swag cap pattern please. I am in the UK. Please let me know the cost with shipping and I’ll paypal you. Thanks – Terri 🙂

myblueheavenknits - March 14, 2014

Go to my Etsy site at LindasCrafts.Etsy.com. You can select the pattern and get it instantly downloaded after payment through PayPal. Easy, Peasy!

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