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Directions For Adding The Sleeve To Ripple Top October 24, 2011

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Hello everyone.  I have been madly working on my Textile presentation and pamphlet, plus the Yarn Necklace pattern, plus all kinds of samples for my seminar classes this weekend at Newton’s Knits Fall Festival in Anaheim, California.  At the last seminar in April-May, I promised everyone who bought the Ripple Top pattern that I would work on adding a sleeve to it and post it here.

So, yes, I have done it and it does turn out beautiful.  I have revised the pattern (for new buyers) and also included an extra plus, for us Size 1X-2X ladies.  But to keep my promise, here are the directions for adding the sleeve to the Ripple Top:

“Adding Sleeves On The Ripple Top

This sleeve is optional and has a slight bell shape with a lacy, Ripple Stitch

After you sew the shoulder seams, rehang armhole edge on:

Small – 70 ndls

Medium – 76 ndls

Lg/X-Lg – 80 ndls

1X-2X – 86 ndls

You might need to weave the stitches slightly over the long span of cast-on
stitches, so they will knit off properly.

K 2 rws (check at this time for any dropped sts and fix)

Dec -1 st, each side EOR to 60 (66, 70, 70) sts

Dec -1 st, each side Every 4th rw to 50 sts

RC 33 (41, 49, 59) COL,
transfer every 3rd st to set up for ripple hem edging.

All sizes, COH, pull all ndls to Hold except for L25/24 and L22/21.

K 4 rws

Continue Ripple stitch pattern, knitting 1 rw over three sets of ndls forward and one rw
back over two sets, across hem 3X (as for bottom yoke of top).

COR, Cast Off loosely.

Complete other sleeve.  Sew side/sleeve seams.  Weave ends.”

Now if you are going to the seminar, I have a special gift for you.  If you bought the pattern at the Spring Fling, bring it in and I will “upgrade” you with the added new Size 1x – 2x and also give you the sleeve pattern to incorporate into the previous version.

I know I sold many of these patterns because the top is just so beautiful.  Please email me and let me know if you are wanting these new pages, so I can print them out ahead of time.  I have made two samples this week of the top with the sleeves, in my 1x size of course.  I will be modeling them at the seminar.  Here are photos, but they don’t do them justice, especially the Black and Metallic Gold Ripple Top.  I made them the longer length to wear over pants.

Double Strand Painted Cotton Ice (Cotton/Rayon)

Three Strands of 2/24 Acrylic + 1 Strand Ziggy Metallic Gold



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