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Vacationing In Costa Rica Again! September 25, 2011

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I have been here about three weeks  now, but my husband had the camera and I didn’t have any pics to post until now.  He is done with a huge project of mapping the area, something you might think had already been done.  It is truly odd to me, but locals don’t seem to really care what’s “out there” so there is no desire to want to look at a map or use one to get to anywhere else. 

Now that he  has sent me some pics, I will tell you that this trip was accomplishing a couple of things on our “To Do” list.  First, to get some top notch dental work done  on both my husband and I.  Yes, we needed implants, crowns, the works.  Many people come down here for what is called “Medical Vacations” where you are lodged in a Marriott Courtyard, and they work on out patient basis on whatever you want.  For us, we had gone to a local dentist in the area where we live in the states and he estimated about $30K for the dentistry we needed.  Well, our sense of “That Can’t Be Right” hit us full force, so we began looking here in Costa Rica.  As it turns out, all the best dentists in Costa Rica (and I suspect doctors too) have been trained in  the US, so we searched out an adult implant specialist and found Dr. Garita in Escazu.  He was just wonderful – I had an implant post and two crowns on one side of my jaw fixed (my husband had an extraction of a tooth, implant prep too) along with prescriptions for antibiotics, pain killers (which we found we really didn’t need past the second day!).  When we return  to Costa Rica in about 4 months, Dr. Garita will finish the implants and proceed with all the other work to be done.  Now remember I said that the price tag was $30K in the states?  The Costa Rican price is less than a third of that for even more work than the US dentist was proposing.  How about that?  Both of us will have all bright white teeth, implants, crowns, porcelain fillings, etc. and the best smile for the best price. 

The other item we wanted to accomplish was a trip to the Guanacaste coast.  For as long as I have been coming here, I haven’t been to the area that comes to mind when someone says “Costa Rica” – rich coast.  We scheduled a couple of days at the Riu Resort.  Here’s a couple of pics of the Hotel, flora, fauna and of the beach towns along the way.

Riu Front Entrance Riu Resort


Riu Pools and Beach


Red and White Flora


Purple Tree Blossoms


Huge Iguanas Are Everywhere!


Beach Under The Guanacaste Trees


Primative Catwalk Over River


Coco Beach Locale


Coco Beach


More Of Coco Beach

It was about an 8 hour drive to get there from our mountain home in the Orosi Valley.  As I was warned, the beach environment is HOT and HUMID, with terrific thunderstorms, lightning strikes and huge downpours.  But it is the beach, and although not for me, many a tourist, surfer, photographer and retiree (Canadians seem to love the heat and humidity) seem to flock to the area. 
So, back home now in Orosi where it is cool and comfortable again.  AAHHH!!!!!!


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