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9/11 Rememberance Today September 11, 2011

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Everyone remembers where they were this day 10 years ago when that first hijacked plane hit the first World Trade Center (WTC) tower.  I was getting ready to go to work at the Los Angeles Air Force Base in El Segundo, California, when my Mother called me to turn on the TV.  I watched along with my husband and the nation, at first what we thought was an airline tragedy and then with horror and consternation when the second plane hit the other WTC tower with the other incredible news that a third plane had hit the Pentagon.  We were all stunned that this could happen to us, on our own soil,  America the Beautiful.  When more news about the Shanksville plane hit the ground, we didn’t know how many more were impending.  Shock.  Horror.  Pain of loss, loss of innocence.  All the buzz words we have heard since then came crashing in on our reality that day.

I worked in the defense business.  I knew that here is  where all that dedicated time, energy and expense will be coming into play – here and now is when our deployed assets would start to pay dividends after years of defending costs to Congress, overruns and delays to higher management.  I have always been a hawk – hit me and I will hit you back hard.  Don’t tread on me!  That anger, that resolve, that unity spread across the nation as we sought out who would be so bold as to do this to us, knowing that we would be coming back to them full force, bristling with amazing weaponry, loaded for bear.  Yes, forgive me, I wanted some level of revenge then.  This attack could not go unanswered.  Within days, our nation sprang into action and started deploying assets to Afghanistan,  Al-Queda’s homebase.  I had to prepare to send some of my own people to go into the theatre, which they bravely did as a part of their service.

Beyond my daily work effort to get that job done, I also felt compelled to do something personal.  I heard about Cory Gammell who was organizing a Remembrance Quilt for the 9/11 victims, just like another one done for victims of the AIDS disease.  I jumped at the chance to send in a quilt square to honor one of those lost, while expressing my personal sense of tragedy.  Each square would be put together by volunteers, and completed by the first anniversary of 9/11 in 2002 where it would become a travelling display to ensure that we would never forget that day.

Later, I also organized an event at the Los Angeles Air Force Base to display a part of the huge quilt for a Federal Women’s Week program, with Cory being a guest speaker.  I was thrilled to provide the story of how I got involved with his project as a way to introduce him to the crowd.  The quilt square I provided was for Adele Christine Sessa, someone I never met, but to this day, am proud to have been able to honor her sacrifice.  It is a broken heart made of red, white and  blue flags.  It symbolizes my broken heart at the 9/11 tragedy, and of her family’s loss.  I wanted it to be simple, but expressive.  I hope I did her and her family proud.

If you want to see the quilt, go to UnitedInMemory.com.  It has all the quilt squares listed alphabetically and many stories, worthy of your notice.  I invite you to scan the quilt squares to get a sense of what Cory and his group of volunteers accomplished in just one year, and to also get a sense of America’s loss that day.  Paging through the panels and blocks, you will feel anger, pride, honor, and then courage to keep the flame of remembrance burning.

We have heard many moving speeches today – we are still united in defeating those who plot against our way of life.  I know we will continue until the job is done.



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