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The Rib Detailed Sweater July 25, 2011

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A couple of years ago, I designed a beautiful sweater in Apple Green wool (from Silk City – nice!!) for a class I was taking at Otis Art School.  It had some nice rib details, but I was working on an LK-150 which had no ribber, so I had to knit, drop stitches, then relatch back up by hand to get the ribbed details I wanted.  It was really a nice look, fit perfectly and I did make notes for it if I ever wanted to do it again.

Well, a little time passed.  My nephew and his new wife came to see us for a visit and when I showed her some of my knit creations, she desperately wanted this Apple Green sweater, so I gave it to her.  Now more time has passed and recently, I have been wanting another sweater like it.  I found some nice Zegna Baruffa Italian wool (I had to double strand it) in a Navy, Charcoal, Fuchsia twist.  So then comes the search for my notes and long story short, no luck.  It might be worth three days to go through all the pieces of paper I have, but forget it – I have patience for knitting, but not for that!

So I am resigned to the fact that I lost my notes (oh yeah, and my nephew divorced his “sweater grabber”), so suffice to say, I would have to recreate the whole thing from scratch if I wanted another one like it.  Big Sigh – I move on.

OK, then I start with a tension swatch and get a double strand of the Zegna Baruffa at Tension 6 on a Bulky to simulate the 3.5sts X 6 rws look I like.   Then I proceed to draft out the pieces according to my memory, my meaurements and etc. etc.

I started with one sleeve and of course I didn’t like the first run.  I sleep on it overnight and rip it out the next day.  By that time, I have no emotional attachment it, so I’m OK with starting fresh after making some corrections in my notes.

Then, all goes well and I complete two sleeves, the back and the front.  For this one, I decided to complete the ribbed band at the neck by hand on a Size 3 circular needle, so I sewed the shoulders first, then picked up stitches evenly around the neck and did 6 rws, casting off in rib.

From there, it was simple enough to sew the sleeves and sides by machine, finishing up with hand stitching the ribbed hems and weaving in the ends.  Here it is, steam blocked and ready to wear!  I had a difficult time to photograph the detail along with the dark color, so I bumped up the contrast for you.  Still, the color is really darker than it looks here, but you get the idea.


Rib Detail Sweater



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