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My Newest Tuck Punchcard July 17, 2011

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So, what have I been doing lately?  I saw on EBay that someone had done a sample swatch on the knitting machine she was selling.  I already had one of those machines, but the pattern was so pretty, I had to get it from her!  I contacted her and she was nice enough to send me a copy of it which I punched out on my own card.  Then I started to work on exploring all it could do.  First, I started with scarves to see how the card worked.  Here are a couple of the scarves side by side so you can see the pattern (or not as in the case of the ombre yarn on the right).  As you can see, it worked better (at least for me) with a solid yarn and I also like worsted weight acrylic because it laid completely flat after steam blocking.  I made the scarf wide enough to mirror the design from the center (which was on the Left 2 needle) and that made those beautiful edges.  I like my scarves long, so they were 65″ or 75″ – the longer ones for a man and done in “manly” colors of Army Green, Steel Gray, Desert Tan, etc.  It is so hard to find gifts for men, so these should sell well at my upcoming Holiday Craft Shows.

Tuck Stitch Scarves

So, then I went on another quest after all these scarves.  I call them “Science Projects” – those things that are amorphous and not set in concrete (like working from a pattern).  Of course, working this way is rife with obstacles and I overcome those as I knit away trying to match my original idea with hard life reality.  I start with a swatch, an idea, a favorite color yarn and a mannequin my size – almost NEVER a written pattern.  Just free-wheeling as I go.  This time, I incorporated hand knit details, such as garter stitch hems, inserts and button bands down the fronts along with this beautiful tuck pattern on the machine.  I worked the garter stitches on Size 8 needles, then loaded them onto the machine and knit on Tension 6 with Caron’s Simply Soft yarn which is a satiny worsted acrylic.  These gauges matched nicely.  So working back and forth, taking stitches off the machine with the knitting needles, executing the garter stitch details, loading them back onto the machine to do the tuck stitching, it took about one week of solid effort, but my idea has come to reality.  Here is a picture of my beautiful garter stitch – tuck jacket.

Garter Stitch-Tuck Stitch Jacket

I wore it yesterday over a white outfit and got so many compliments that I had to share with you all.  I have plans now to do another in Barn Red for the autumn – I hope I can read all my squiggled notes to do it again!!


1. Rebecca - July 17, 2011

Oh my, it’s just beautiful! I’ve used a similar pattern for many afghans but it’s just perfect for the jacket.

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