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Back From Vacation! May 25, 2011

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I am now back from a great vacation to visit my brother in Wisconsin.  We flew out, spent a week with him and his family and then we rented a car and drove old Route 66 back to California.  We went through Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and then to California and home.  We passed through Joplin, MO a day before their horrible tornado – got a couple of pictures which we now call the “Before” and everyone has seen the “After” on the news lately.  Each state had a different landscape and it was good to get a perspective of what America is all about – mostly small towns sprinkled into a countryside of farms, hills, and rivers.  A lot of the small towns, business districts and roadside attractions that once populated along that great Route 66 are now dusty shadows, boarded up motels and cafes and sometimes, just plain corny and outdated.  But, there is merit to seeing what once was on the “Mother Road” (Rt. 66) which gave America its heart.  I must say what I mostly liked is the FREEDOM of the open road.  Racing around your normal life, working, shopping, etc., you can’t seem to get away from your calendar which pulls you this way and that.  On the open road, with no one to “schedule” you, you start to get an appreciation for the feeling of freedom.  Wide open spaces in front of and behind you, blue skies above you, and the only constraint is the distance your tank of gas will give you.  Oh, you need to put a trip like this on your “Bucket List” for sure – spend some money in the Heartland of America and go see some of those corny roadside attractions.  Discover what it means to be FREE!!



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