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Vacationing In Costa Rica January 22, 2011

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Hey, Ya’ll!  You probably have been wondering where in the world I have gone?  To Costa Rica – my second home in the B-E-A-utiful valley of Orosi, on the edge of the mountains of the cloud forest.  It was raining everyday for a couple of weeks, but now it has settled into the pattern of partially cloudy mornings and then sunny days where birds, butterflies and all kinds of activity are bustling about. 

Sometimes a brief afternoon shower brings a rainbow  over the valley.  We caught a picture of one from our backyard, looking down the valley.

Rainbow Over Orosi Valley

Both my husband and I caught a wicked cold on the airplane coming down here just after the New’s Year holiday.  We are over those now, but of course, being sick didn’t stop me from knitting.  I did an afghan on my simple KH-100 bulky (a similar style to the Mock Cable Afghan on my blog, except I actually CABLED the panels since the KH-100 doesn’t have the “Hold” feature and therefore cannot do Tuck stitches easily).   I also hand  knit a checker board patterned scarf, and a beautiful top in lime green using  Bernat’s Free Pattern for a “Leaf Top” which is done in a lacy leaf pattern from the top down.  I used Lion Brand Cotton Ease yarn and got a good match on the gauge.  Still the green top came out with a lot of ease, so now I am doing the same top in WHITE and one size smaller.  I hand knit the green one entirely, but for the white one, I am going to finish all the stockinette on the machine, take it off at the hem and complete the garter stitch bottom by hand – just to see if I can do it.  These only take 4 skeins, so since I brought six down, I will need a project for two skeins of green and two of white – my mind is always working.

But I wasn’t done there.  I hand knit two incredible shawls using a pattern I developed which was really easy.  I call it my “Shawls Gone Wild” and I will post it separately with pictures.  Yes, it is hand knit, but so simple you can complete it little by little over several days, or go whole hog and do it in two days like I did because I was sick and what else was I going to do with my time? 

Over the course of time, I completed many projects down here in Costa Rica, but I always have some yarn left over from them which I didn’t want to bother bringing back to the States.  So eventually, I had a quarter of a skein here, a half a skein there, a little of this, a lot of that.  You probably have a stash of just such a bevy of  beauties awaiting an idea to spark them into use.   This is the perfect project for these orphans!  I will ask my husband to take some pictures I can post with the pattern when the sun comes out.

So go through your stash and get some colorways together.  I will post the pattern for you with my finished shawl pictures later today.

Keep on Knitting!!



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