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Linda’s In Design Mode Now For Newton’s Spring Fling Seminar December 27, 2010

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Whew!  The rush of the Holidays is now about over.  We are packing up our decorations today because there is rain coming again and we want to get everything down when they are DRY!!

This is always a busy season, what with the completion of this year’s craft shows, attending all the parties, the planning and preparing our own Annual Joyful Traditions Holiday Party for old friends, co-workers and neighbors, plus the rush of completing all the Holiday shopping, gift-wrapping and of course the trip out to the folks (90 miles) to celebrate a great year.  We have indeed partied till we have dropped!  Now, we have to get everything back in order for a great New Year 2011!

We have a trip to Costa Rica coming up in January, our 25th Wedding Anniversary in Palm Springs in February, a trip to see my brother in Wisconsin in May and other things lined up, but not scheduled yet.  The whole year is practically booked!  My husband and I wonder where we found the time to work now that we are retired!

On top of all this, I am thrilled to announce that Helen Koshak has asked me to be a demonstrator for Newton’s Knits Spring Fling Seminar.   That is scheduled for April 29 – May 1, so mark your calendars.  I have some of Norman’s new Spring/Summer yarns and I am working on three new patterns for them, specifically for this Seminar. 

One will be the long-requested Bellisimo Sweater (it has bell shaped sleeves and body), another will be a thread lace top and another will be a Tuck-Scallop embellished hem and neckline top which I think I will do in sleeveless and another version with sleeves.  I spent yesterday doing samples, swatches, and test pieces for the thread lace top.  It takes a lot of time to do all this “fooling around”, but my husband was watching all the footballs games, so what the heck!  Sometimes it’s just nice to do some goofing around.  It gets you inspired when you make mistakes – OK, we aren’t supposed to call them mistakes, just interesting results for incorporation into a new design.

That’s what happened to me.  I was knitting thread lace swatches, blocking, measuring, then unraveling, re-knitting, blocking, measuring and hanging up swatches on my dress form to see what gravity does to it overnight.  I haven’t peeked at it yet this morning, but I will.  I am thinking that thread lace does not like to be shaped (duh!!), so my set-in sleeve concept for the design is probably going to be replaced today with something else.  I will figure that out after I do some more unraveling….

The Bellisimo Sweater is truly lovely, easy to do and has a comfortable fit.  I have perfected a couple of sizes, but I have to put fingers to keyboard now to get it all down into my standard pattern format.  Helen gave me some of Norman’s new rayon twist, which looks similar to the WoolRay that he’s famous for, but this one wont draw moths!  That is a keen consideration for someone selecting a yarn that once knitted, will stand the rigors of wash, wear and those nasty little beasties that give us holes in our precious woolen garments.

I created the Tuck-Scallop top for Newton’s Cotton/Rayon hand-painted boucle (knit double strand, two different colors).  The cotton content in the yarn makes it a little heavy so I had to make the pattern without using the standard hemming procedure where you knit so many rows, hang the cast on row and then knit one row to close, creating a double thickness.  That wouldn’t work with this summer look.  The effect is subtle, but oh so lover-ly and comfortable.  And you wouldn’t think using two different colorways together would create such a neat overall appearance.  One strand was pink, peach and yellow and the other strand was green, brown and coral.  I did a bunch of samples mixing the colors in my “fooling around” phase.  When you start the coral of one together with the pink of the other, you get a striping effect which I liked best.

OK, so I am off now to check out that hanging swatch.  I am thinking to myself that the solution to the thread-lace design will present itself sometime before I start swearing today, but you never know….

Just keep on knitting and it will come…..



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