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New-Old Idea – The Sock Monkey Hat November 11, 2010

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So, I have been working on doing my Craft Shows and last weekend, my booth neighbor who does great themed baby items, was selling all the Sock Monkey hats she could knit.  That gave me an idea.  One of the ladies in the San Diego Knitting Guild had done something similar, so I did some research on the web (there’s a great video with a man-sized Sock Monkey and other implausible aliens doing a Kia car commercial).  After thinking about it for several days, I came up with a different version (I don’t like infringing on patterns by others, so I try and take my patterns to a whole new level).  Here are a couple of pictures of the prototype that I worked on yesterday.  I will continue to refine it, doing sizes, etc. until I get it to the point that it is fun to do.  Right now with all the parts, doing intarsia, duplicate stitching and hand-work finishing, it is a BEAR!!  So I will start the process of “how to make it fun” and that means making it easier.  Always work, work, work……

Sock Monkey Hat - Front

Sock Monkey Hat - Side



1. Janet - November 12, 2010

Yes, we have been making up these cute hats here in San Diego. Linda Corley is the author of the pattern for adults and children. I have seen the same pattern made into a monkey hat, and cat pattern. So cute for little one’s.
The pattern is free if you are a member of the Machine Knitters Guild of San Diego. We have a newsletter with free patterns each month. Plus for the cost of the Guild membership of $30 it gives you a discount to go to any of the seminars at a huge discount, a place to socialize with lots of machine knitters. Once a member most all of the seminars are only $40 for a two day/ all day seminar. A bigger discount goes to students. Her email address is linda@mkgsd.com
Last I spoke with Linda the pattern is copywrited. She has plans of selling it but I do not know the particulars.

myblueheavenknits - November 13, 2010

My Sock Monkey Hat is not like Linda Corley’s, I just went with the idea and made it my way because Sock Monkeys are big this season. I have made my hat more difficult and with a lot of dimension. I liked the old fashioned Sock Monkey and used faded colors and off-whites to give it an “aged” look. I will see if people want to buy it on a “custom order” basis. I am still tossing back and forth whether to do the mouth with intarsia or by duplicate stitch, as it takes the same time either way, but duplicate stitch is more dimensional and I think I like that more. Anyway, its a work in progress…

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