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Hello Again From Costa Rica October 18, 2010

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It has been several days since my last post.  My brother came down from Wisconsin to visit for a week.  We did some picture taking and I will send those along in another post. 

Today though, I saw we had a tiny hummer nest with an egg in it out in our bamboo which lines our property.  Also, since it is sunny right now, there is a lot of activity around the hummingbird feeder and I thought I would try to capture the large violet saberwing hummer.  I got several pics, but he is too big to land on the little perches like the other little hummers.  So, he hovers and with his curved beak, sips out the fresh nectar I put out this morning.  I got a good pic of his back showing his white tail markings, but all the others had blurred wings.

Tiny Nest In Bamboo With Hummingbird Egg

Violet Saberwing Hummingbird

You can see that his wing spans across the little perches of the feeder and I measured it out to be 7″.  Pretty big, huh?
Having Fun bird watching today!!


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