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Hummingbird Visits Veranda Lodge September 25, 2010

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Cutie-Pie Closeup

This morning, we had quite a hubbub trying to safely herd one of my Bronze  Tailed Plumeleteer Hummingbirds out of the View Room of our vacation house in Costa Rica, we call the Veranda Lodge, because of the long, large veranda overlooking the Orosi Valley and the Rio Grande river.

In Costa Rica, you leave the doors open during the day.  As the hummer was probably going around all the nooks and crannies of our doors and windows looking for breakfast, this one came through the door and was temporarily caught in the View Room.  It was trying to get out through one of our picture windows when I came in from the outside and saw it up in the window.  EEKK!!!  I didn’t want it to panic and hurt itself, nor did I want any of our actions to try and help it out, hurt it either.   So, I stood near the big windows waving our butterfly net to keep it away from them, while we waited until it tired itself out.  It did after awhile, and was clinging to the wall, exhausted.  I crept up behind it with my net and slowly and carefully covered it, while my husband got a thin, flat board to move up just inside the net, next to the wall.  The hummer gently clung to the soft net and with the board that covered the net opening, we moved slowly out to the backyard where we took these three photos.  The hummer was so tired, it didn’t even care that I was right up in its personal space!  So, I let it rest for a little while in the net, then I walked slowly out to the hummingbird feeder and gently got him to take hold of the perch with his little  tiny feet.  I moved slowly away and watched while he got his breath back and after a little bit, he flew away.  I hope this doesn’t ruin our good relationship!!  We have had other birds in and they eventually make their way out the door, but those big picture windows are so tempting to keep them trying to get out.

Hummer In the Net

Too Tired To Fly Away



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