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Fun and Sun in San Diego – Part 2 with Pictures August 28, 2010

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My husband sent me some pictures, so I will post them now.

After some early angst with location, we got a nice room and started to set up for the day.  Many people brought in coffee, muffins, fruit and other things to snack on during the day. 

Getting Ready To Start…

The Price Building Facility at the University

Having Fun Pattern Shopping

Some of the attendees were getting a jump on the pattern table before we started our Fashion Show.  I made new samples with fresh yarns  and many of the ladies volunteered to model them during the Fashion Show.  It is nice to actually try on something made according to a pattern prior to buying it, so I made lots of sizes and colors.
Introducing The Fashion Show Garments

I always like showing off my collection.  The garments look much better on a live person than on a hanger or stationary model, plus all the ruffle detailing gives the garment movement and that is best displayed if it is on someone who is MOVING!


I don’t have pictures of the Fashion Show, so maybe one of the San Diego Guild members will let me know where I can direct you to go to check them out.

Host, Nancy Davis and Me Welcoming Attendees

My Host, Nancy Davis, was so nice to my husband and me before the seminar.  She has just about as many knitting machines as I do, and my husband thought that was not possible.  I told him that I am not crazy, but maybe just a little obsessive when it comes to my machines and yarns…oh and my books, accessories, yarn winders, blocking equipment, etc., etc.  We are all just loving every minute of it, aren’t we?  I was excited to see NEW people to machine knitting, especially since these are the knitters that I specialize in – to encourage, and get them inspired to keep exploring this rather unique talent.

Nancy is an instructor at the Foothills Adult School and she keeps the torch burning for machine knitting.  If I had more time, I might consider settling down and doing regular classes, but for now, I will admire what others are doing.

Starting The Demonstations....

Here’s me getting ready for a day full of demonstration, philosophy and fun.  Along the way, I get questions from the audience and try and do my best to answer them.  I like to involve the audience – it is just the way I teach.  When I was learning the art of teaching (in the way back time), it was said that adults like to interact with the instructor, versus teaching children who like to be sponges and soak up the info as presented.  But we all learn more about things by doing and experimenting.  I encourage students to immediately try out the things they learned that day.  Go home, get to the machine.  Get the pattern, knit it up, knit another using a different yarn, use another technique – experiment.  My patterns allow for a great deal of variation and experimentation.  That’s what I like about this artistic outlet – you can express yourself in every way imaginable.

Video Set Up for Big Screen Projection

It was nice to have guild members do a video/projection feed for the demonstations.  Everyone could see what I was doing because a close up of the knitting was being projected onto a big screen – no crowding around with only a couple of people able to get a good view.   Of course, you could always come up and see first hand what was going on, but for the most part, that wasn’t necessary because of this video/projection set-up. 

Thanks again for attending!!  Now get back to your knitting!!



1. Bonnie Cummings - July 19, 2012

Have some great pix to show – Ripple top and variations – not too great on blogs – may needs some help to post pix!! Terrific pattern, have made several in many sizes!!!

2. Bonnie Cummings - July 19, 2012

We so enjoyed your demonstrations at Purls of Joy!!
You were an inspiration!!!!!

3. Valery Roberts - July 16, 2014

Thanks so much for all your help and inspiration during the San Diego Event. I really loved it. I did two Twisty Shawls and it is so fun and everybody just loves them. I can’t wait to try some of your other fun projects. I seem to have a lot to do!! I can’t wait to see what is next.
Valery Roberts

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