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Fun and Sun In San Diego & My Favorite Machines August 26, 2010

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I had a great time demonstrating for the Machine Knitter’s Guild of San Diego on 21 Aug.  They’re experience levels range from beginner to experienced, as you would expect for an established Guild and my host, Nancy Davis, had a house full of machines, set up and ready to knit.   She shares her Machine Knitting expertise through the local Foothills Adult School for students of any level and I gave her many of my seminar samples to continue to spread the creativity.  My thanks goes out to Nancy Davis, for her care and conversation, and to Jo Frabetti who took many hours of time to organize the seminar.  Also, to all my pattern customers, I hope you are knitting your hearts out and having some fun while creating your contemporary fashions.  Contact Norman Koshak of Newton’s Knits in Anaheim, CA to request those beautiful yarns – Bamboo/Cotton Print, Bulky Cotton (with a little sparkle), the Cotton Ice Print (Cotton and Rayon).  You can call Norman at 714-634-9116, because these were brand new and they haven’t got them up on their website yet.  If you ask, they will cone it up for you, so that saves you a step.

 I hope someone got pictures – my husband is converting to a new computer, so he will send me some to put in a separate post in a few days.

It is sad that no one yet has created similar adult school classes here in the South Bay (maybe an idea for me in the future?).  Let me know if any of you readers would have an interest in attending a Machine Knitting Class and I will explore those opportunities. 

When I was learning how to knit by machine, I had to learn by doing.  The classes really got me technically capable over time with how to use the machine, but for my own ideas and those I got in other designers pattern books, the old trial and error method ruled.  Patterns created on the designers machine sometimes did not translate to the machine I wanted to use.  I always say, the Art is in your imagination and the technology is in the machine.  When they combine, it is MAGIC.  But machinery has limitations and my imagination does not.  I acquired many machines in hopes that they would do things better than the one I had, but in reality, each new machine would do ONE thing extremely well and others just like every other machine.  So, of course I had to check out all kinds of machines, right?

Here are my favorites: 

1.   The Brother (or KnitKing) Bulky 260 – handles all the great fuzzy, fancy yarns, or multiple strands (my “thing”).

2.  The Elna Standard, 2400 – elegant LACE (via punchcards) without an extra lace carriage.

3.  Studio 860/Ribber – Mid-Gauge – this has all the bells and whistles if I want to go all electronic.

4.  Brother 400- Standard/Bulky – Plastic, light weight, goes anywhere- Converts gauge with different clip ins on bed.

5.  Studio LK150 – Mid-Gauge – Plastic, light weight, go anywhere and is the absolute BEST plaiter in the world!!

6.  MK-70 – Mid-Gauge – Looks like a sewing machine, but is a portable 18-st punchcard machine.  Ultra-Rare!!

You probably have your favorites too.  I have many more machines than I can have set up at one time, but they are sure nice to have around when you need the machine that does that ONE thing beautifully!

Keep on Knitting!!



1. Arlene - August 26, 2010

Sounds like you had a great time.
I have searched your blog but cannot find where I can view your patterns which are for sale.
Can you tell me where I might find them.

myblueheavenknits - August 26, 2010

Absolutely. Go to Etsy.com/shop/LindasCrafts. You can see them all there.

Thanks for your comment!


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