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Projects – Ruffled Swirl Scarf August 2, 2010

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Ruffled Swirl Scarf

Have you ever had one or two great little skeins of yarn, but didn’t want the same old scarf out of it?  Here’s one that I converted from a hand knit pattern.  Try it, you will definitely love it!



Machine:  Bulky

Yarn: Worsted (1 sk Red Heart Symphony or 1 sk Sensations Casual Boucle or 2 sks Impeccable (ombre)

Gauge Not Too Important For This Project

Tension = 8 or 9

Ruffled Swirl Scarf 

E-wrap cast on 22 sts, L10 – 0 – R12

Knit 2 rws

Begin Short Row Pattern

*COH, short row 5 sts farthest from carriage, K 2 rws**

Repeat * to ** 2X more.

Cancel Hold, Knit 2 rws

Repeat this pattern until the scarf is as long as you want it (I suggest between 60 – 70”), then cast off loosely.

Steam out.  With the beginning and ending piece of yarn, smooth out the pointy “bump” so the scarf has a straight edge from tip to tip by folding a small triangle over and sewing it down. 

Do a final quick steam and weave in any ends (if you used more than one skein).



1. Toshi - November 19, 2012

Hi Linda, I still can’t find the knit pattern for the ruffle swirl scarf. Please help me.
It was great to see you at the show in Torrance today.
My e.mail is dennistrull@earthlink.net

myblueheavenknits - November 19, 2012

Hi, Toshi! I found the hand knit instructions buried in “Comments”, so I copied them to the Ruffled Scarf projects page to incorporate both machine and hand knit versions. They now appear below the picture. Thanks for pointing this out to me. Now anyone can do this beautiful scarf! Let me know how you do with it, or better yet, send me a picture!

2. pdc - February 10, 2013

Linda, customer had your ripple top pattern and we worked on your technique in it at knit club. changed yarn to Tamm Passey and worked it on a KX 350 and it worked beautifully. you wrote the technique well. found Diana Natter’s pattern also that is similar only not a open and more rows. Consensus was they liked your technique best. Just thought you would like to know your pattern really inspired some people in OKlahoma

myblueheavenknits - February 10, 2013

Thank you so much for the great feedback. I am happy to see that it worked with Passy which has such a great brushed feel to it, and on a 350 too! It is wonderful to hear that I can telescope my inspiration to you over these internet miles and vice versa – my clients give me the encouragement to keep coming up with neat ideas. Oklahoma is OK with me!! (I write this from Costa Rica where I have a second home and constant injections of color and creativity).

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