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Seminar for San Diego Knitting Guild – 21 August July 14, 2010

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Hello everyone.  Where have I been?  I am moving my knitting studio from a leased space in El Segundo back to my converted studio (AKA the garage).   Plus, I was entertaining family over the 4th of July and taking care of my Mom’s dog, Buffy, while she went on a trip to visit my brother in Wisconsin – oh, did I mention she was almost 90 years old?  My other brother and sister-in-law are traveling with her.  But I digress, back to my story…. 

Several years ago, I outgrew our third bedroom that I was using as my crafting room and we upgraded our garage into a nice studio that I quickly started to fill up.  Well, after retiring, I outgrew that space, so last year, we leased an office with warehouse space in an industrial part of El Segundo.  It was 2.5 miles away from home and we emptied two leased storage spaces and the rest of my knitting/crafts that was taking up room all over the house and moved it all into the warehouse.  It was clear that I had too much fabric, trims, machines, etc. but I didn’t know just what to do about it.  After awhile, I felt pressure to go to the studio every day and knit up some of my vast supply of yarn – but I wasn’t making any headway and fell into a “funk” because all my dreams of happily designing and knitting away my retirement years in reality became just another day at work.  YIKES!!  Worst of all, I wasn’t happy doing the thing that should have made me the happiest!!  After talking it over with my husband who put up with all my knitting obsession for many years,  I made the decision to give up on all the crafts, except for knitting (OK, plus keep doing a few aprons and embroidered items).   If you have read my journey so far, I gave away all my polar fleece (over 700 yds.) and am in the last stages of dealing with fabrics, trims, and etc.  They are currently in bags and crates taking up space in the garage until I finish my planned sales – and then donate everything left over to Goodwill.

Definitely not easy for me, but I have detached my attachment to them and it is time to move on.

I got an opportunity, amongst all that is going on, to do a one-day seminar for the San Diego Machine Knitter’s Guild.  I  was trained as a college teacher after all, so why not?  I wake up each morning with design ideas and I just completed my latest pattern – THE Market Bag.  Helen Koshak at Newton’s Knits offered to have my patterns available on their website since several of my patterns use their yarns.  I already completed patterns for the Romantic Nightgown and Wrap Robe with Newton’s Madison and Newlon (see them on Etsy.com).  For THE Market Bag, I am using 1 strand of Newton’s Bamboo/Cotton/Linen print and 1 strand of softball cotton, knit together to create a great bag.  In another version, I used 4 strands of Newton’s Pima Cotton.  I have attached the picture to this post so you can see it.  The bag is done in the stretchy Wave Stitch so it will expand to hold just about anything.  Anyway, it always takes a lot of work from imagination to final pattern, so that is what I have been doing lately.  I still have more ideas in my head that will take time to get perfected on paper.  Then there’s the photos, publishing, printer glitches, oh the list goes on.  I did a trial jacket with crochet-look knitted trim, with the idea to study the finished product, change it here and there and then proceed to pattern-making.  Woe betide me – my good neighbor came over, saw it hanging and just had to have it.  It was her color afterall (deep teal/navy eyelash).  Now I have to do another “study” just to study it.  This is why time is passing so fast for me and my “To Do” list grows and grows. 

Well, I need to be out there doing my samples for the San Diego Seminar event.  I will do the Market Bag, the
Baby Jester Hat, a tuck lace jacket, the jacket with crochet-look knit trim, and a bunch of other demos, but I have to get busy on those samples!  See you soon and keep knitting!!



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