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Intimate Wear and Bikinis Now Showing…. June 22, 2010

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Baby Jester Hat

Hello everyone.  I have continued to be crazy busy with my weekend garage sales and I am bringing in more yarn from my huge warehouse to sell at bargain prices.  It has come to this now that all of my fabric and craft supplies have been either sold, packaged to sell or put in the garage to keep for near-term use (that is my 10% that I am keeping):  every crate of yarn I open and every yarn I pick up, I imagine a poncho, sweater, beautiful scarf, etc.  I can’t seem to say to myself, gee, I don’t have any idea of how to use this so I don’t really need it anymore.  We did a quick inventory of the bags of yarn in the warehouse and it comes to about 2,500 lbs of yarn.  Sometimes if I think of it, it makes me sad, not because I have so much I couldn’t possibly use it all.  No, it’s because I probably have enough to last me my lifetime and I shouldn’t BUY anymore.  And I haven’t bought much yarn lately – only one or two for a specific purpose because I didn’t already have it (of course, that is hard to imagine).  Once my lease is up, I plan to rent a storage space very close to home where I will put all the yarn I wont need right away and I have a 10ft X 15ft space reserved – I only hope I can fit all the bags in!!!  I do have to sort it first into cotton, rayon, chenille, varigated, acrylic, eyelash, fancy composite, metallic, etc.  That will be my job at the warehouse for several weeks to come.

I have been knitting small projects in the midst of all the garage sales.  Colorful Jester Hats for baby and adults on the bulky machine, plus baby cocoons and long shawls by hand.  I always have some project going and two or three beautiful yarns awaiting inspiration.

Last week, I had a great customer at my garage sale who also manages the Beach Massage and Day Spa in a mini-mall on the corner of Sepulveda and Mariposa in El Segundo CA.  As we talked, I showed her some of my knitting items and she thought the nightgowns, robes and bikinis with matching sarongs (such as I have on Etsy.com) would fit into her overall product line and enhance her customer’s spa experience.  A couple of days later, she brought her marketing manager and another friend to look at what I had to see if showing them in her spa would be viable.  It was a great meeting and they left with an assortment of my items to try out, and they are currently displayed beautifully at the day spa.  It would be so nice to have my items increase her business as well as my own.  In these economic times, I think people want to know they are getting something special from a local designer.  It might be slow in creating a clientele for me this way, but I prefer it that way.

I remember going into a Ralph Lauren boutique and seeing an Army Green T-Shirt several years ago.  It was thin and unadorned, just a plain old T-Shirt (I don’t remember where it was made), but it looked like it came from Goodwill.  It was $40 on SALE!!!  The shock of it made me remember these details over the years.  You know it probably sold to a certain clientele anyway because people buy the label.  However, I think we have turned a corner in this country and although there will still be people who like to show off their “excesses”, it can’t go on forever.  I think local, unique and custom made is overtaking mass production.  Once top-name designers started putting their items in places like Target and Wal-Mart, the sizzle went to fizzle.  It is time to support your local folks!!  If you get a chance, check out the various services the Beach Massage and Day Spa have to offer.  It is truly a beautiful and relaxing facility for men and women.

Keep on knitting…..



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