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Ideas For Using Mock Cable Pattern May 2, 2010

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Hello, Knitters!  I have been thinking about this great hand-manipulated stitch and how we can use it in other accessories.  We did a couple of WRISTLETs which were really nice, so after the seminar, I started thinking about a matching HAT.  I will work on those patterns for MAY. 

I am unable to post each day because I am busy reorganizing every drawer, closet and cubby-hole in my large home.  Seems I had yarn, fabric, trims and every what-not stashed wherever there was empty space (although not as bad as those “Hoarding” shows on TV – mine was neatly stashed in clean bags).  I am officially calling myself a shopaholic when it comes to yarn and fabric.  I just love the sensation of feeling great textures, the thrill of getting great deals during Sales, but now I am REVEALED and it is time to make hard choices – so I chose knitting.  I am in the process of clearing out 90% of my massive fabric, trims, zipper and pattern collections – I am only keeping 10% of the really good stuff that I WILL use in the near future for cute aprons. 

It is a fact that we love SALES and why do companies have them?  So they don’t have to store the out-of-season stuff because remember, they want to sell you in-season stuff that is in a new and fresh color so they make last-season stuff passe.  They leave the storage of old stuff to us and we supposedly get a good deal.  But now I am convinced that that is not a good deal when we use our dining rooms, car trunks, living rooms, attic, etc. to store it because we aren’t going to use it now, but may need it in the future. 

For example, you see a great purple mohair on a half-price sale for $5/skein after the holidays and you get twenty+ skeins because you don’t know what you’ll knit, but it may be a large sweater/coat and it’s all there, one dye lot, twenty skeins – you just have to get all of it for $100.  The temptation is too great!!  Then after the rush of the holidays, you pack your decorations away, take a short break from all the hub-bub, next thing you know – OOPS!  it’s Spring or Summer and that mohair is just not good to work on in the heat and humidity of the season.  So the mohair sits around somewhere in your home taking up space until time and tide come and that golden moment is reached when it is the season for mohair and the perfect pattern is found – or NOT!  Maybe that was last season’s color and now you need a gray instead of that purple you bought on sale, because a gray would fit into your wardrobe much better.  So you go buy the gray that is in season and that means that purple mohair sits somewhere in your house for another year, or two, or three or whenever purple comes around again as the “It” color.  Now multiply this by all that sale yarn you bought and WHAM!  you look around and it is all there, begging you to knit it up, yet you have lost your “it’s on sale” enthusiasm for the stuff.  Now it is your burden to keep – with emphasis on the BURDEN.  Suddenly you are not happy with it.  You bury it deeper into your stash hoping it will go away, or you give it away (how much did you spend for it?), or you garage sale it (Miss, you have it at $1 a skein – how about $5 for the lot of twenty?)- let me just say right here – UUGGHH!!!  You get a better deal by just donating to the Goodwill.  At least you get a write-off on your taxes and you saved the heartbreak of accepting the $5 from someone you know won’t appreciate it or take care of it, because it was only $5 for them – cheaper than Wal-Mart.  OK, I need to go to my happy place……….(big breath)

Whew!  OK, I’m over the panic attack now.

Well, for now, I am addressing my fabric/sewing stash and belaying my assault into the yarn stash.  The fabric, etc. is not as emotional for me to “disposition” at this point in my life. 

I am organizing it into 4 piles:  To Sell, To Donate, To Give To Family, To Keep For Near-Term Use.  For Polar Fleece, I am cutting the long pieces I bought (sometimes at $10/yd) into either crib or twin sized blankets and donating them to homeless shelters.  The bonus is I get a tax write off and the bigger bonus, I don’t have to store it another year.  What doesn’t reach the blanket size, I put in a bag to give to my sister who is so resourceful she can make a complete baby layette out of a couple of my scraps!  Next, all my quilting/baby/tapestry/upholstery fabric head to the garage sale.  At $1 – $2/yd, I give them another home and again the bonus is I don’t have to store it another year.  I am a member of three craft/knitting guilds, so I have some friends who need this more than I do right now.  For the left-overs, I will donate them to Goodwill with a clear conscience.  They will no longer be a BURDEN – I will be free and it will be a wonderful feeling.

People may look at me like I am nuts, but I am happy to sell/give these beautiful treasures to those who need them.  I have forgiven myself for buying them in the first place and for their overall cost.  I concentrate on what their absence will do in making my house uncluttered.  Still, when I pull something out and my heart clenches – that’s what I put into my tiny 10% pile.  Those I will keep and use near-term for aprons to sell at my craft shows:  the beautiful Vintage Prints, the themed kitchen prints, the Mary Englebreit’s.  There are some things that are just too dear and too wonderful to just give up.  However, that tiny pile is the near-term use one, so I say USE IT for what you need and resist those so-called “SALES” from now on.  Recognize them for what they are – storage challenges, family resentments (MEMO to Hoarders: Your family wants their house back) and burden-makers.  Be Free!!  Be Happy!!



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