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Trends April 28, 2010

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Many of you have your favorite color or combination of favorite colors that you always buy.  I love REDs or CORALs alone and the combination of chartreuse, fuschia and orange.  Whenever I knit “For Sale”, that is knit to sell items at craft fairs, I have to forget about what I like and dwell on what my customer wants.  A new customer is usually drawn to the wild colors and then buys the always classic black.    Next year, if I am at that same show, they come for the colors.  So how do I keep everyone happy?  I always knit the black one, and then a couple current colors.  I stay of top of what’s next by researching color trends on the web.  Consumers live in the “Now”, i.e., will I wear it now, do I have somewhere to go that I need to buy it now, does it make me look good in it now?   The industry lives in the “Next”, i.e., what is the trend that we need to follow for the next season, what can we do to make it look new and fresh to have people buy what’s next?   There are organizations that specifically pull us into the WOW color of the season and they work far in advance because designers are doing their Fall/Winter 2010 and even maybe their Spring/Summer 2011 ordering right now.  So what are the trends for Fall/Winter 2010 right now? 

The overall trend is following what is happening to the economy.  Money is tight so people are making old things into new things.  The economy drives the consumer budget, so if they can use that coat they bought last year by adding a new scarf or shawl drawn over the shoulder that they bought from you today, they are happy.  The “IT” color at this moment is Azure Blue, if you are deciding what yarn to get for something to wear now (Spring/Summer 2010).  If you are planning a project for Fall/Winter 2010, and you want a fresh color, look at the website fashiontrendsetter.com.  Colors such as Lagoon, Pale Chartreuse (yeah!), Goldenrod, Coral (yeah!) , Lipstick Red (yeah!), Purple Orchid, Chocolate Truffle, Leaf Green, Oyster Gray and a soft, rosy, kind of dusty beige.  It is really nice to mirror colors of your knits in the season, because stores will have items for sale, and you can knit and accessorize likewise.  And especially, do knit in season when you give a gift – even if you only wear purple, not everyone is knit from your skein of yarn.  Most everyone loves wearing something fresh and in style.  Why else would Vogue Knitting, Knit N’ Style, KnitWords, Creative Knitting, Rowan, etc. have a reason for being?   OK, so here’s my challenge for you all – knit something in a color that you don’t usually wear – and then wear it.  Send me the comments that people make, because you know they will!!



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